Mississippi Bow Hunters Association, Inc.
Last Amended: 2014  

MBA 3D Tournament Rules

1.  Cut-off time for all MBA regional will be 1:00PM Sharp!
2. The MBA reserves the right to change or modify any and all programs and rules if necessary to benefit the health and well being of the association.
3. Scores from two regionals and the state shoot will be totaled for the Top-Gun score. There must be three people in each class to qualify for a Top-Gun award to be given.
4. A shooter must follow MBA guidelines.  
5. All clubs must have a copy of the current MBA rules at the registration table. Host clubs will be responsible to enforce rules for the shoot. Host clubs will be responsible for signing up shooters and checking for MBA membership.
6.There will be 25 targets with the 12 rings positioned at the offset low option, if there is NO OFFSET LOW 12 the CENTER 12 WILL BE COUNTED.  THE 14 RINGS WILL NOT BE IN PLAY IN ANY CLASS.  There will be no bonus target .
7. The 12, 10, 8 scoring zones will be clear of any obstructions; if they are not the shooters will be allowed to move the obstruction.
8. All scoring ties, including first place, will be broken by a shoot off.  The arrow that is determined to be closest to the target mark, regardless of score, will decide the winner. If two shooters tie by being the same distance from the target mark, they will shoot until the tie is broken. If for any reason the shooters can not shoot in the shoot off. They give up the higher place. (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd.)
9. There must be 2 score cards per shooter. Score keepers and shooters must sign cards.
10. All clubs must provide waiting stakes of some form within reasonable distance of next target.
11. Each club will have a minimum of three water coolers on the range with water at all times.
12. All protest concerning a tournament event or related item must be submitted in writing to an MBA 3-D Committee Official with reason of protest prior to trophy presentation. A fee of $50.00 must be submitted with protest. If the protest is upheld the $50.00 fee will be returned. A protest will not be listened to, considered, engaged in any form after the shoot is over. Anyone found making accusations of wrong doings during the shoot or after with no official protest will be disqualified themselves. If you see or hear something being done wrong either report it or be quiet, drama WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!
13. No double stakes will be allowed because they slow shooting on the range.
14. The MBA is in charge of getting trophies for MBA regional.
15. The host club should provide space and a table for the MBA to sign up members and sell MBA merchandise.
16. There will be 2 members from the 3-D committee on duty at each shoot. The committee chairman will contact the host club well in advance to coordinate the shoot.
17. Sharing of revenue at MBA regional: All concessions and novelty revenue belongs to the host club. The host club will pay for trophies used, and $5 per shooter except for the braves and fun shooters. This $5 is for the Shooter of the year fund, the rest of the revenue will belong to the host club.


1. All competitors shoot what you bring and bring what you shoot.
2. Any shooter on the range before or after they shoot will be disqualified. The only exception is that they are performing club duties for the host club.
3. No shooter is allowed to walk to their shooting stake until the group that is at that target has cleared that target and is advancing to the next target. They must remain at the wait stake until the target is cleared.
4. A minimum of 3 adult shooters per group will be allowed, or a maximum of 5 adults.
5. There must be 2 score cards per shooter with 2 separate score keepers in each group. Score keepers must walk to the target. If the score cards do not agree after they are turned in, the lower score will be taken. Cards must be signed by shooters and score keepers.
6. No range finding devices will be allowed on the range.
7. Binoculars will be allowed, but may be checked by range officials for marks. After the shot, no archer may glass the target while he/she remains at the stake because of time restraints.
8. One arrow per target will be shot from a painted stake. If 2 or more arrows are shot at the same target, that archer will receive a zero {0} for that target.
9. Shooter must touch the stake during the shot with some part of their body.
10. All arrows must remain in the target until both score keepers score the arrows. The arrow shaft must touch the line to be scored the higher value. Any arrow pulled before both score keepers call the arrow will be scored as an X.
11. Any arrow not in the target will be scored as an “X” [0] is a miss, glance off, or bounce out. Any arrow deflected contact, but still proceeding toward the target by an arrow already in the target will be scored as it lies. Any arrow embedded in the nock or shaft of another arrow already in the target will be scored the same as the arrow in which it is stuck.
12. A maximum of 2 minutes will be allowed for the first shooter. The remaining shooters will receive 1 minute. Each group is responsible for the shooters within their group. If other groups point out the time to your group, then it is your responsibility to speak up and to stay within the allotted time. A shooter found to be over their allotted time by a range official can be immediately disqualified. No warning will be given!!!! If other groups protest you or your group, the entire group can be disqualified.
13. There is to be no discussion of yardage until the target has been scored.
14. MBA age break for all MBA classes is March 1.
15. It is the responsibility of the shooters to make sure these rules are enforced.
16. All Braves and cubs must be accompanied by an adult while on the range.


The MBA will shoot the following classes.
Pro Class: Pro shooters can shoot at any time as long as it is with a minimum of 2 adult shooters with them.
Strictly voluntary, entry fee is $20.00 for MBA members and $30.00 for non- MBA members at the regionals. It will be $25 and $35 respectively at the State Shoot. Both entry fees are to be split 70/30. The 70% going to the shooters will be paid out accordingly: 1-3 shooters pays first place only at 100%.
4-8 shooters pay 60/40. 9 plus shooters pay 50%, 30%, 20%; 80 pound max bow weight, with 50 unmeasured yards.
Nationally ranked Pro or Semi Pro shooters can not shoot in an amateur class once they shoot in Pro or Semi Pro Class.
Entry Fees

Regional Tournaments
Non-MBA Members               $25.00
MBA Member                         $20.00
Cubs and Youth                      $10.00
Braves                                     free
State Tournament

Non-MBA Member                 $25.00
MBA Members                       $20.00
Cubs and Youth                      $10.00
Braves                                     free

All children 16 years and under are automatically associate members under an adult MBA membership. Any older children or spouse may associate with an adult membership $7.50. MBA Memberships are $20.00 a Year.
Seniors: Must be 50 years old or older. 80 pound max bow weight, 45 max yards.
Men’s Open: Any type sight [except range finding sights] 45 yards max. [Trophies at  regional]                                                                                                                  
Men’s Bowhunter: Fixed pins only, 12 inch or shorter stabilizer. Example: {your average hunting bow set up}  40 yrds max.
Men’s Bowhunter Release: Fixed pins only, may not be adjusted on the range. Whether or not the sight can be moved without the use of a tool, will not be moved while on the range during a tournament. 45 yards max.
Bowhunter Movable: Same as Bowhunter class with the exception you can use a moveable hunting sight. NO MAGNIFICATION, NO RANGEFINDING SIGHTS. 40 yards max
(Definition of  MOVEABLE Hunting Sight- Any sight that makes it adjustment BEHIND the Riser of   the bow).
Women’s Open: Any sight [except range finding sights] 40 yards max.
Women’s Bowhunter:Use fixed pins and moveable "hunting" sights; 30 yards max.
Traditional Class: Competitors shooting this class will use a longbow defined as: A bow when strung, the string touches only the notches of the bow. A bow at the shelf shall be cut no closer than 118 inch to the center of the bow. Cushion plungers and mechanical adjustments shall not be permitted. Arrows must be shot from the shelf or hand with no elevated rest. Only one piece of leather or similar material 1/8 inch thick or less shall be permitted on the string. No sighting devices will be allowed must be shot with glove, finger tab, or bare fingers; wooden arrows only with 125 gr. Points; 90 pound maximum bow weight. Or a recurve bow with no sighting device. A rest and plunger are all that may reside within the sight window. No markings on bow or on the bow string that could be sighting marks; must be shot with glove, finger tab or bare fingers. 25 yards max.This class is allowed to shoot the range twice for their same entry fee and turn in the highest score of their two rounds. Only one score will count per shooter. Choose the highest and turn it into the score keepers.

Youth: Ages 12-14, 30 yards max.
Cubs: Ages 9-11, 25 yards max.
Young Adult: Young Adult: Age 15-18, 40 yards max
Braves: Ages up to 8 years of age shoot from spot chosen by parent, whom must be present while shooting.
ALL braves receive trophies or medallions at regionals provided by MBA.


1 Pro and Pro Seniors (can be the number stake if so desired).   (50 yards max)
2 Men’s Open, Men’s Bowhunter Release, Seniors   45 yards max
3 Women’s Open, Young Adult, Men’s Bowhunter, Mens Bowhunter Moveable  (40 yards max)
4 Youth, Womens Bowhunter   30 yards max
5. Traditional Classes, Cubs     25 yards max

** BRAVES walks up with adult and shoots 

New Shoot Policy:

Any and all clubs hosting a regional / state shoot will run the shoot. The hosting club WILL provide workers for the sign up tables. It is their shoot, so its their responsibility to have workers. The MBA WILL have someone available to sign up new members / renew members at the sign up table. Their will be a copy of the rules available at the table and the MBA official their can answer the questions should there be any.


We award plaques and trophies at the end of the shoot. If you want your award should you win or place in your class, PLEASE be there to accept it. If you cannot be there at the end, have someone to get it for you at the shoot. If the award is not given that day it will not be given. And if the award is not given that day, the host club will not be charged for that award.

Shooters may participate both days but in different classes. They can qualify for trophies in both classes.
The Traditional Combined class for traditional recurve and traditional longbow shooters will be conducted as it has been in the past: These shooters must change equipment to shoot for the combined class trophy. 1 trophy is given in this class.